Hi. I am Mrunal – the hands, eyes and mind behind this blog. I am a Software Engineer by profession, living in the sunny California with my loving husband who is my motivation and support to my blogging.

I am a Vegetarian (and so are all my recipes) and an avid food lover who loves to try different cuisines from all around the world. I got into doing real hands-on cooking after I moved to the United States in 2006 and haven’t stopped there after. I love cooking different recipes at home ranging from indian meals to world desserts to cakes to soups and juices and more of other things. Everybody these days have very tight and busy schedules, juggling multiple things at the same time. In such a lifestyle we often end up giving little or no time to food and meals. This blog is an attempt to make cooking easy, healthy, fast and tasty.

I also absolutely love to travel so you’ll find a lot of travel related posts on this blog with an intention to help you plan, organize and enjoy your forthcoming trips.

I am insanely passionate about nail polishes, nail art or anything to do with nails for that fact. So you’ll also see some of those on the blog along with occasional beauty related posts.

Enjoy the blog.

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