{Quick & Easy} DIY Photo Frame Wall Artwork Using Sharpies – Home Decor Project

Hello lovely people. I am back with a blog post after – I admit – a long time. But I am here with something you’ll love for sure.

quick and easy diy photo frame wall art

Have you ever been in a situation where you are looking for something ~ like a photo or a painting or any sort of wall art/decor for that matter ~ to give a beautiful accent to your bare walls to pop it out or even to accessorize it in addition? Well, I have always found myself in this situation and nothing available out in the market seems to appeal me ever. I always go out shopping with a lot of expectations to find a lovely piece of art which is sensible, not pocket ripping and something to compliment my home, but almost always return empty handed, disappointed and frustrated. My constant rejection of what I see available out there made me ponder – “why not try making something on my own that is easy, quick, cheap and uses items that might already be available at home”? That seemed like a great idea so I let my ideas run wild and came up with this D.I.Y photo wall art making use of simple items that might already be available in your homes like sharpies of different colors, A4 size paper, printer, paper cutter and an empty photo frame. Things needed:

  • A4 size printing paper
  • An image of your choice. (Try googling for children’s coloring page and find something that you liked that you can work with). I used this image for my work. (Click on it and save image on your local computer to print it out)


  • Printer
  • Sharpies of different colors.

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quick and easy diy photo frame wall art   How To:

  • Find an image that you like. Using Microsoft word or any other document editing tool edit the image such that the image is in the center of the paper.
  • Print the image on an A4 sized printing paper (A4 size can be cut to fit a 8X10 frame). Black and white is fine but you can be as creative as you want here.
  • Once it’s printed, cut the paper to 8X10 size using a paper cutter or scissors such that the image on the paper is at the very center.
  • With the image I chose, the tree branches did not have any leaves. So for my art I decided to draw simple leaves around the branches. For one I used different colors, for the other i used just red. Here is how the completed (not framed) art looks like so far.

quick and easy diy photo frame wall art

  • Then, I put the image inside the frame.

quick and easy diy photo frame wall art   quick and easy diy photo frame wall art

  • Here is how the finished, framed art looks like. You can be creative with the colors, images and anything you want really.

quick and easy diy photo frame wall art Total cost for this project was $10 (the frame cost). That’s it. Hope you all like this and try this out at home. A very quick and easy DIY art that you will feel proud about. I am hoping to broaden up the options and do things with sequins or water colors or acrylic paints or oil paints soon. Appreciate all the comments incase you try this out or already have. Happy Crafting. 🙂

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