Mughlai Akbari Paneer Recipe | Shredded Cottage Cheese in a Creamy Sauce

Akbari Paneer is a popular Mughlai Delicacy – a dish true to its royal name. It consists of shredded paneer in rich and creamy sauce/gravy made of cashews, evaporated milk and aromatic spices. This is a finger licking vegetarian recipe with red and green bell peppers, tomatoes and onions which will leave you wanting more. It has that gourmet touch to it and should be enjoyed hot with parathas, tandoori roti or naan with a side of raita.

Mughlai Akbari Paneer Recipe

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Dal Makhani | Slow Cooker/Crockpot Recipe | Vegetarian

Dal Makhani is a popular Indian dish originating the Punjab region. It’s rich, flavorful and creamy. Here is my low fat version of the recipe using a slow cooker/crockpot (easy, convenient and me happy 🙂 ). In this particular recipe I have skipped the cream but you can add it if you wish. I find the texture creamy enough even without adding it.

Dal Makhani | Slow Cooker Recipe

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3 Ingredient Kalakand | Milk Cake | Instant Kalakand

Kalakand is a popular Indian sweet made with solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese (paneer). This sweet has a tendency of invariably getting my husband drooling and it gets consumed in absolutely no time. To my aid comes this quick and easy recipe to satiate those instant kalakand cravings made with the most easily gettable ingredients. Follow along for the recipe of Kalakand with made with evaporated milk. Quick Indian Dessert Recipe – Kalakand | Milk Cake

Instant kalakand recipe

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Jalapeño Paneer Onion Stuffed Bread Recipe

Who doesn’t love breads? And when it’s stuffed with your favorite stuffing it just gets undeniable. Home baked is an icing on the cake. Oh that smell of freshly baked bread coming from your kitchen. Stuffed breads can be made with any stuffing of your liking – sweet or savory. Mom and I decided to explore a recipe that was in her head since some time. She thought about the combination of jalapeño, paneer, chillies, onions and corn and henceforth that became the stuffing we were craving for. Follow along for an easy recipe made with ingredients you will definitely find in your pantry right now. Recipe credit goes to my Mommy since I was only a helper. 🙂

jalapeno paneer stuffed bread

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Dudhi Muthiya Recipe | Steamed Bottle Gourd Dumplings

Muthiya, a traditional gujarati appetizer/snack is made from gram flour, spices and a shredded vegetable like cabbage, potatoes, zucchini or dudhi (Dudhi/Bottle goard/Lauki is used traditionally). It is my all time favorite go-to dish. It can be assembled in just 5 min. And, all it takes is the steaming and tadka. I have tried making it with both dudhi and cabbage and every time it turns out to be delicious.

Dudhi na Muthiya

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Homemade Red And White Pasta Sauce Recipe

Pasta is one of the dishes that you can choose to be creative with. May it be the sauce base, kind of pasta or the veggies that go in it – everything can be modified to satisfy the tastebuds. Having gotten tired of the same taste that the store bought pasta base brands provide, I thought – Why not try making the pasta bases at home? One such day was yesterday. I let my creativity run loose and decided to make my own red and white pasta base with Indian touch. What turned out was delicious and lip smacking.

Red White Pasta Sauce Base Recipe

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Punjabi Kadhi With Onion Pakora Recipe

Kadhi is a hot and soupy dish made with yogurt and gram flour as the main ingredients. It’s preparation varies regionally throughout India. Gujarat has it’s own way, so does Punjab.

Here’s a recipe for my version of Punjabi Kadhi along with some mouth watering Onion Pakoras (Onion bhaji or onion fritters). Dive in and enjoy. 🙂

Punjabi Kadhi With Onion Pakoras: Vegetarian Indian Recipes

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Punjabi Chole Masala Recipe

Chole – commonly referred to as Chick Peas in English – is a very tasty and quick recipe to make. Punjabi Chole Masala is readily available in the market in multiple brands such as Everest, MDH, Baadshah to name a few. But turns out it’s very easy to get bored with these readymade masalas because the taste never changes. I personally was never a big fan of Chole in general because i always relied on these pre made masalas which never caused any alterations to the taste of Chole in general.

Punjabi Chole Masala Recipe

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